febrero 7, 2023

Villa de Leyva Experience

villa de leyva facade decoration

10-12 hours, usually starts at 9:00, a.m.

Visit to Villa de Leyva, perhaps one of the most beautiful villages of Boyacá department, (state) with its giant main square, cobbled streets, antique houses, monateries and chapels, in an environment that transports us 400 years back to the past. National Monument,  considered a jewel of colonial spanish architectural style, adding to its fantastic climate, is today one of the best known resorts nationwide.

On the road,  will have the opportunity to pass through towns such as Chia, Cajica, Gachancipá, El Sisga dam, Chocontá and a take a short stop to admire El Puente de Boyacá monument, famous place where the last battle that sealed the independence of the nation was fought.

After a little left side deviation to a secondary road that lead us to Samacá and its potatoes, carrots and vegetable crops fields until reaching Villa de Leyva  and its varied rural landscapes, vineyards, .

Around the main square, being the most extension that exists in Colombia, we can wonder the main church, the house of Don Juan de Castellanos, La Casa Quintero, also many traditional houses, many of them still in use like homes, and many different commercial purposes.

Just five minutes  outside the town they have many other attractions like The Santo Ecce Homo monastery, the Ictiosaurius museum, Casa Terracota, etc.


*10-12 hours service (9am -3pm)

* Round trip Private transportation.

* Accompaniment of the guide to the sites you want to visit.

* Tourism Transportation Insurance. 

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