Salt Cathedral Visit

salt cathedral central nave
salt cathedral central marble sculpture

«First touristic wonder of Colombia¨. 

An hour from Bogota, we will visit a magnificent example of mining engineering and religious art carved into salt rock. We will travel north, passing through neighboring villages and taking in the breathtaking scenery. We are going to conduct the Salt Cathedral Tour, inside the mine facilities.

Following the mine, we can drive or stroll through Zipaquirá to see its colonial main square. This may also be our chance to have lunch and sample some of the many typical Colombian dishes.
Upon completion of the trip, we will deliver you to your lodging.,


*6 hours service (9am -3pm)

* Exclusive conveyance to and from your lodging.

* The guide’s accompaniment to the destinations you wish to see.

* Travel Insurance


1 person USD 90


2 to 3 people USD 120.
4 to 5 people USD 150
6 to 7 people USD 200 

Departure from your hotel: 9 a.m.
Arrival Time to your hotel: 3 p.m.

Additional fees by person

Ticket USD 21
Typical lunch USD 12

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