febrero 7, 2023

SaltCathedral+Basic City Tour, CITYCOMBO

baptismal pile insede salt cathedral city-combo tour
muisca raft gold museum

Salt CathedralBasic City Tour, CITY COMBO is a mixture of the 2 main excursions in Bogotá. On this tour, you start visiting one of the Latin American wonders: A huge cathedral, which was built inside an old salt mine. To reach this magnificent work of engineering and religious art, we’ll go inside the mountain to seek out an attractive collection of salt and marble sculptures in a quiet religious atmosphere.
The second part continues getting back to Bogota: First step will be taking the funicular or the cable car to Monserrate top and after descending, visit Plaza de Bolívar where you may appreciate the main government facilities. After that, we will visit the La Candelaria area, (the oldest part of the city), including the Gold Museum or Botero´s Museum.

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