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The Best Day Tours and Activities

Come to live the best City Day Tours and Activities in Bogotá with us. Lets give a glimpse to its art, history, food, nature, and culture.

LayOver City Tour

blue plane connection The Best Day Tours and Activities

5-6 hours, usually starts at 9:00 a.m.

If you have 5 or more hours between flights in Bogota, our In-Transit (layover) tour Eldorado connection is for you. The visit begins at your arrival in the airport, our staff will take care of all the details, so your visit can be as profitable as possible. Read More

Basic City Tour

international down town bogota

5-6 hours, usually starts at 9:00 a.m.

Experience Bogotá’s most unique attractions. This tour highlights the culture of Bogotá since its pre-hispanic era, trough its spanish conquest, and colonial times until the present days. Read More

Full Day City Tour

full day city tour monserrate transport

6-8 hours, usually starts at 9:00 a.m.

Our Full Day City Tour Bogota begins (depending the weather), climbing up to Monserrate top to see the breathtaking landscape. After descending, we will continue to ¨Plaza de Bolívar¨ where you will appreciate the main square itself and its surrounding government buildings. Read More

Salt Cathedral Visit

salt cathedral interior

Starting the experience we need to ride towards north, crossing the whole city, a gigantic cathedral, one of the Latin America’s wonders built inside a salt mine field awaits for us. To visit this magnificent work of engineering, we must go under the earth’s surface. Read More

City-Combo Tour

city-combo tour group

8-10 Hours. Daily departures

This is a combination of the two main tours in Bogotá: Salt Cathedral Visit and Basic City Tour:

On the first part of this tour you will visit one of Latin America’s wonders: a gigantic cathedral, which was carved inside a salt mine. 

The second part continues at Bogota´s Old Town: Climbing to Monserrate top and after descending, visit to Plaza de Bolívar where you will appreciate the square itself, and the main government facilities built around. Read more

Coffee Farm Experience

Do you love the authentic flavor of traditional coffee?.

We will bring you the great opportunity to enjoy the real ¨Colombian taste¨, considered the best smooth coffee in the globe. Read More

Guatavita Sacred Lagoon

guatavita lagoon visit

6-8 hours, usually starts at 9:00, a.m.

On this tour you will visit the Sacred Lagoon of Guatavita where the famous “El Dorado” legend was originated. There you will also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lagoon and it’s surroundings. Read More

Villa de Leyva Experience

villa de leyva experience

10-12 hours, usually starts at 9:00, a.m.

Visit to Villa de Leyva, perhaps one of the most beautiful villages of Boyacá department, (state) with its giant main square, cobbled streets, antique houses, monateries and chapels, in an environment that transports us 400 years back to the past. National Monument,  considered a jewel … Read more

"Chicaque" Natural Reserve Park

chicaque natural reserve

 This adventure is intended for true lovers of nature and hiking.

The Chicaque Natural Reserve is one of the largest and most diverse in the country, it has seven types of forests, where there are thousands of living plants, more than 200 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, beautiful and gigantic oaks, waterfalls, viewpoints and more than 18 km of natural trails; all surrounded by a cold and humid climate (cloudy forest) on top of the mountain. See more

Birds Watching

res green bird watching

Lorem. See more

"Chingaza" Natural park

One of te biggest «paramos»…

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